Hard Use Knives.
One of a kind.

Copyright:  Anthony Oostendorp

The focus of my knife making


Every knife I make is designed and build to be used. In my opinion a knife should function well and secondly look good. This goes for my hard use knives and the one of a kind customs. I focus mainly on two categories of knives: Hard Use Knives and one of a kind Bowie and Hunting blades. Occasionally I venture out to folding knives or swords.


Hard Use Knives


I would describe hard use knives as general purpose knives that are build to withstand some “abuse”. They are knives that should not fail you when you need them the most. In my opinion these knives are the hardest to make and demand all the know how of the knifemaker. In order to make sure that the knives meet or exceed my expectations, I do a lot of testing. My testing is done on three levels:


- BladeSports

Competing in BladeSports gives me the opportunity to try different steels, edge geometries and constructions in a situation where a knife is used pretty hard. Any weak spot will appear almost immediately.


- Destruction testing

Every model (or when a change is made to a model), will be tested until it breaks. Some people find this silly, but I want to know what the limit for that particular model is and where I might be able to improve upon.


- Individual knife

Every individual knife is tested for edge retention, point strength and flexibility.

In the near future a detailed explanation will be available.


I offer three different models in this category:


Bull Shark:    Practical blade in two sizes (S - M) made using the Stock Removal method. Blades are made out of 1.2510 (O1) and feature micarta/rubber grips.


Krebbekx:     A very fluent and curvy design, forged out of 1.2510 (O1) or 1.3505 (Ball Bearing steel), using a half integral build up.


Orbis:           Using the bowie knife as a starting point, the Orbis series is designed to be used hard. This series will be forged out of one piece of 1.2510 (O1) or 1.2550, making use of the half integral construction. First models expected January 2011.



One of a kind customs


Besides the Hard Use Knife series, I will be making damascus and mono steel Bowies and hunting knives. These blades will be unique in design and materials. I do not take orders in this category because this limits my creativity.