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Welcome at Eastvillage Knives

My name is Anthony Oostendorp and I live in The Netherlands. This website shows my work as a knifemaker.

As long as I can remember edged tools have been fascinating to me. When I started enjoying the outdoors I truly understood the importance of a good edged tool. To me a knife is an important piece of equipment that I use on a daily basis. The urge to make a knife myself became to big to ignore.


When I design a knife the first thing that is considered is functionality. The last step is to try to make it look nice. I enjoy making knives that will be used by the new owner. The feedback from my customers is very important to me. It makes me a better knifemaker and gives me a good idea of what people like or do not like in the designs.


The steels I are mainly carbon tool steels like 1.2510 (O1), 1.2842 (O2) 1.2210, 1.3505 or 1.2550. My Damascus steel is made out of O1 or O2 in combination with 75ni8. When a rust resistant steel is needed I turn to D2 or Niolox. Wood, Mammoth Ivory, Micarta and rubber are my favorite handle materials. Good solid materials are the basis for every knife I make, so the end product will be of outstanding quality.

How they are made

Depending on the sort of knife, I either forge or use the stock removal method. A damascus or mono steel forged blade is first forged into shape. The next step is grinding the bulk of the excess material away. Then the files and stones come into play after which the blade is finished by hand sanding.
When the stock removal method is used, the grinder will shape the shape and remove the bulk of the material. Filing, stones and hand sanding finishes the blade.

Anthony Oostendorp